Missing merge data! Why? Bulk Inserts!

We need to know why some data is missing at the subscriber. This is after synchronization and no errors have been reported. One thing to check is see if someone has run a BULK INSERT statement.

For example consider the one below.

It inserts data into a merge-replicated table and looks innocent enough:

BULK INSERT testmergedb..tCity
FROM ‘C:\Snapshots\SSISMerge\Cities\Cities.dat’
WITH (FORMATFILE = ‘C:\Snapshots\SSISMerge\Cities\cities.fmt’);

However if I run the following to see what is waiting to go to the subscriber I see that there are no rows ready!

exec sp_showpendingchanges



By default the BULK INSERT statement doesn’t fire triggers and remember that merge replication adds insert/update/delete triggers to replicated tables in order to log all changes to them, so if the triggers are not fired merge doesn’t know of the change. There is an additional parameter we need to make sure the developers use: “FIRE_TRIGGERS” as below.

BULK INSERT testmergedb..tCity
FROM ‘C:\Snapshots\SSISMerge\Cities\Cities.dat’
WITH (FORMATFILE = ‘C:\Snapshots\SSISMerge\Cities\cities.fmt’, FIRE_TRIGGERS);

Now when we check the pending changes we see it there and it’ll go to the subscriber now.

exec sp_showpendingchanges


I’ll do a separate post to explain how to fix this type of issue if it has already happened!


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